Characterized by its architectural simplicity, the Monte reveals its mysticism and its history both of which get lost in time. Many of those who have passed through here have contributed with their work to make the farm what it is today. It has been with great pleasure that we have preserved it. So, step by step throughout four years, we recovered all the buildings and gave them new features, maintaining the original farm’s design. Resorting to typical materials of this region, we integrated all the elements, trying to obtain a set in which harmony would be the main pillar.

Tradition, well being, comfort and some informality are connected to the concept that guided us all the way from the conception of the interiors to the arrangements of the outdoor spaces. The use of warm colours and light helped us to bring together a quiet but stimulating environment.


Comfortable rooms with a differentiated decoration, ideal for a restful weekend. In this type of room, you will find that each and every one of them has a private outdoor lounge where you can read or simply relax and enjoy Nature.


Being mostly situated near the pool, the superior rooms are ideal for a more prolonged stay. With a larger area, these rooms are also gifted with excellent light, inviting you to the contact with the outside world.

Junior Suite

This is a room with a privileged location, cared for decoration and soothing tones that vary with the season of the year, presenting the countryside as a picture from your private deck.


Designed for those looking for more privacy, autonomy and longer stays, the studios are situated in a distant zone. They have a private patio, a nice little garden and a small kitchenette.


On our property you will not lack the options to occupy your time during your stay.

Choose from absolute and pure rest by the pool, in the porches or in any other cosy spot while savouring a good orange squash or simply a glass of wine near the fireplace, a mandatory companion in winter.


For the more active ones, the option is a bicycle ride or a nice walk in one of the marked paths over the 600 hectares of the property, which integrates a part of the large and luxuriant Grândola mountain range, one of the paradises for mountain biking in Portugal.

Accompanying agricultural activities

Follow the agricultural activities on the farm, talk to our shepherd and go along with him on his walks while herds go grazing in the fields or watch the cork extraction or the pine picking. These are amongst many other activities you can only experience on an active farm.


During summer, make the most of the fantastic and beautiful beaches on the Grândola coast, a continuous 42km line of white and golden sand bathed by the Atlantic. We are on the Alentejo Coast, a place of leisure and enjoyment, where we must mention some names such as Comporta, Pego, Aberta Nova and Carvalhal.


At Herdade das Barradas da Serra we are keen to appeal to all your senses, supplying you with unique tasting experiences at the table or in a picnic, in the country or at the beach.

The day begins at breakfast time where everything is combined to make it a moment of tranquillity and pleasure. Everything has been done thinking of you, temperature, light, sound, colour combination, sharing with family or friends, nothing is done by accident ... everything is done according to whom we receive.

Indulge in our breakfast, where you can count on, among many things, the traditional bread of Grândola (Alentejo bread), the honey from our friends of Cerquinha or homemade jam. You can also enjoy our selection of fruits and natural juices and taste Margarida's freshly baked pastries.

Thinking of the other hours of the day, you might like to try and enjoy the tasty surprises that Elsa and Luis bring us from the local trade.

Agriculture and environment

The respect for environmental and economic sustainability of the Estate are values that have been preserved and strengthened over the five generations of the family who so far have managed their destinations.

For more than a century producing cereals, including wheat, this activity has lost some significance over time, leading to the production of leguminosae such as serradella or yellow lupin, in view of upgrading and enriching the soil.

This sector, along with sheep breeding in extensive regime, integrates the management of the forest resources of the estate, which is divided among the cork oak forest, the pine forest and the eucalyptus.

The oak forest (montado) however has a greater importance in the activity of the homestead. The production of cork is an investment with many years of tradition in the family, being also of great importance for the region and the country.

The fact that the tourism unit at Herdade das Barradas da Serra is on a farm that is in full swing, where the preservation of the environment has always been a priority , makes possible a seamless integration between comfort and sustainability , with almost all the energy consumed being produced by photovoltaic panels and solar thermal water heating panels.

Water is highly valued at the Homestead, with all the precautions being implemented so that it is well managed, with minimal waste.

The role of environmental awareness at Herdade das Barradas da Serra does not end here, as guests are invited to observe and monitor farming and conservation activities constantly going on, from the cleaning of the oak forest to the conservation of streams, cork extraction and sowing, among many others.

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